Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated community builders for the digital space.

We design and build communities that connect people and organizations to strengthen engagement, save time, reduce online vulnerability, increase profitability and achieve missions.

Our Core Values

Our goal is to create maximum business and social impact. We build strong relationships and vital digital communities by adhering to our core values:



We invest our talent and energy in meaningful partnerships to uncover insights, ideas and options to build empowered communities.



We are dedicated to building the best digital community experience. We embrace complex issues and organizational dynamics to achieve simple, effective solutions.



We believe that careful research and deep understanding of context are the necessary springboards of meaningful experience that achieves specific goals.



We hold ourselves accountable for the high-quality execution of all goals and visions set with our partners and to constantly improve our technology, content and services.

B Corp Certification

Redstring is a company that believes in using business as a force for good and is striving to become a B Corp. A business certified by B Lab must demonstrate a commitment to high standards of social and environment performance, accountability, and transparency.

Our Mastermind Team

Redstring’s Mastermind Team is driven by a desire to help our business and non-profit partners achieve their purpose and goals, and is committed to constant and never-ending improvement. We partner with the best subject-matter experts to provide innovative and reliable guidance to create quality Community experiences and help our communities achieve their purpose and goals.

Contact Us

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