Create a Secure, Effective and Vibrant Online Community for Your Organization.

Give your clients, prospects, and members a secure online community to interact, collaborate, and build value. Redstring’s CRMS all-in-one platform is dynamic, flexible and easy to use. It allows organizations of all types and sizes to build vital communities that meet their needs and advance their goals.


Small – Medium Business

In a digital world, customer experience, retention, brand advocacy and the bottom line hinge on engaging your customer community. Redstring helps you build yours and serve your clients’ needs as you meet your business goals. With an unparalleled suite of digital tools, Redstring can help you grow your community, make your social media campaign easier and more effective, bring products and services to market, and accelerate your growth. We’d like to help you build a business that helps you make your community a better place.



The non-profit dilemma is simple: how to do a lot with little. How to multiply the value of every dollar raised. How to minimize administrative costs. How to maximize results. Redstring maps your strategic thinking and helps you build a virtual community to realize your purpose and goals. Build an engaged community to connect and support members, share knowledge and passion, stay current on organization and member news, collaborate seamlessly. Share the experience of realizing your mission.


Global Communities

The Redstring Network supports International Organizations with unified community chapters and associations in a Global Network. Chapter/Associations can be interlinked and maintain their community uniqueness while being part of the greater organization.



One of Redstring’s chief aims is to help solve healthcare fragmentation by bringing seamless communication and interaction between healthcare, residential care and faith-based institutions. Redstring empowers caring communities to optimize the health, wellness and resilience of patients and populations. Redstring provides a unified patient-centered health and wellness community experience lead by hospital, physician, community and/or wellness groups.


Faith-Based Organizations

Having trouble with declining membership? Recruiting younger members to carry on? Redstring works with faith-based organizations to increase engagement, connect members of all ages, share targeted news and notices, provide meaningful content. And create opportunities for socialization and collaborative impact. Achieve growth without compromising message and mission.


Government and Municipalities

Strengthening relationships with your constituency, measuring satisfaction through programs and public services, providing timely and accurate information, answers to constituent questions (single call resolution) through a variety of communication venues is essential. Redstring fosters community participation and 360° feedback in ways that go beyond traditional municipal websites or 311 Contact Centers to connect constituents, business and visitors. Redstring fosters the flow and control of content to and from departments and community organizations, providing a shared interactive digital town center experience.



Traditional sales and marketing has lost its mojo. Redstring is a radical new system to attract, engage and retain agent/producers, generate leads, and strengthen relationships with a digital community experience. Redstring brings insurance organizations and producers a competitive advantage with its comprehensive, easy-to-use system. Integrate communications, engage communities of producers and clients, help producers expand networks, deepen relationships, serve clients better and close more deals.


Property Management & HOAs

Homeowners — whether part- or full-time members of a residential community — need more than basic amenities to be community enthusiasts and help optimize real estate worth. They want to feel connected to their neighbors, have an ongoing voice, and enjoy opportunities to participate in activities and discussions no matter where they are. Redstring works with Home Owner Association and Property Management leadership to connect neighbors with their communities by providing timely activity information, content, concierge-based products and services to create value through a digital community experience to be in touch, anytime, anywhere.


Community Emergency Preparedness

No community is exempt from the threat of some type of disaster, natural or man-made. Is your community pre- and post-disaster prepared? With Redstring CRMS Rapid Response, Redstring brings agencies, media, information and resources together immediately under “one roof” to help communities connect with constituents to get what they need most — before, during and after a crisis hits.

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